The time consuming process of spray-painting consists of 6 steps to performed to perfection. Primer need to be applied after inspection. It is imperative in giving the primer enough time to dry, avoiding defects such as sinkages & marks that occur when panels are flattered before the primer has cured. The surface must then be flattered before being prepared for the final stage of the spraying process. After flatting the surface is marked off to avoid over spray.

Paint is mixed according to the relevant color code. The paint is then applied to a test plate and tinted to match the target vehicle 100%. The second last step is to apply the last coat which is called the top coat. At least 50% of new vehicles are painted with this process known as two stage pear and three stage pearl. This process is more time consuming than older methods and it provides a superior quality finish. The final step of the spray-painting process is the flattening and the polishing of the vehicle.

Picture perfect finish, guaranteed to last you a life time!

Spray Painting