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Panelbeating Unlimited boast a colossal product range consisting of the following divisions, when a vehicle is damaged and requires no structural repairs it qualifies as general panel beating & repairs. For example when a bumper, fender, bonnet or door is damaged and replaced.

Panelbeating Unlimited has a brand new 3ton Tata roll-back truck which is used to transport vehicles 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mechanical and accident towing can be done as vehicles are not damaged in any way when being loaded onto the truck.

The time consuming process of spray-painting consists of 6 steps to performed to perfection. Primer need to be applied after inspection. It is imperative in giving the primer enough time to dry, avoiding defects such as sinkages & marks that occur when panels are flattered before the primer has cured.

Being equipped with machinery that is able to remove scratches and light dents in 30 minutes allows Panelbeating Unlimited to provide public clients and secondhand motor dealers with showroom condition services, ensuring all vehicles can be kept in mint condition at affordable rates.

In being a certified digital assessments center, Panelbeating Unlimited assists you in fast effective insurance claims through cutting out the need for an additional assessor.